Thursday, 28 August 2014

We go forwards together or not at all

ALS seem to be raising millions by people throwing water and I genuinely think its phenomenal.  The power of social media is tremendous!
   I set out to be the first person to circumnavigate the south of england, I set out to do it in a recyclable plastic kayak using sustainable wooden paddles, to make a bold statement about elite level performance and cherishing our environment.
I wont be the first as the weather really has pounded me and in a third of my time I only managed to move a sixth of my distance, but I stand by the equipment I am using and by my decisions to support the oceans.
People that understand the ocean have commended me on my efforts but some have said that seeing I havent completed the challenge they wont donate to the worthy cause of the Marine conservation society. Next week I will try and push further north and reach Bristol. Even the idea of getting back in my boat is uncomfortable. Yet I'll do it because the oceans deserve not a bucket of cold water from me but at least a bucket of tears of which I have most certainly given; on day one I truly thought I may die at sea I cried I weakened and I found resolve, on the day I came out of my kayak in large surf I cried through disappointment and failure as a weather window closed on me and I have cried from the support I have recieved even though I have felt so alone. I dont cry easily yet August 2014 and the north Atlantic have demanded this of me so I have given, and I intend to give some more. Please share this, please donate and please care, NOT for me but for our oceans and the organisations trying to protect them. Motor Neuron Disease is awful, but there will be no point curing it if we let the Oceans die for without healthy Oceans there simply cannot be healthy Humans.

Here is what MCS do   on average I get 150 page views per day...over 6600 in total so far and I have Raised £700   be part of the solution. Share this post far and wide..... not for a man going kayaking but for an Ocean that we all very much need,  for my own vanity dont let my tears be for nothing, for they were truly meant for something!

Thank You.
Simon Luck

What we do
MCS, the UK charity that cares for our seas, shores and wildlife
The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the voice for everyone who loves the sea. We work to secure a future for our living seas, and to save our threatened sea life before it is lost forever.

Marine Protected Areas
Our wonderful seas, shores and wildlife are under threat. Almost nowhere in UK seas is marine wildlife safe from harm. We need to establish vital marine protected areas where wildlife can recover and flourish.

Levels of beach litter have doubled over the last decade. MCS works to clear our seas of the rising tide of rubbish that is so dangerous to sea life, including seabirds, whales and dolphins.

Fish Stocks
88% of Europe’s fish stocks are overfished or depleted. MCS works to reduce the overfishing which is devastating the life in our seas, and promotes sustainable seafood alternatives.

Clean Seas & Beaches
Our work ensures that the sea’s rich wildlife can be restored, fish stocks grow more plentiful, and our beaches and seawater become cleaner. We depend entirely on the generosity and enthusiasm of our supporters to continue to care for our seas, shores and wildlife.


  1. Supporting you and MCS all the way xxxxx

    1. Thank you.....ive only just worked out how to reply on here. Xx

  2. Donated and shared your blog on FB. Stay strong and safe.


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