Friday, 22 August 2014

A 25.3 mile headache

Who ever thought 25.3 miles of home waters would be my stumbling block..... I've had so much support and appreciation as to my efforts so far but the truth is I've barely traveled an 8th of my distance and time is no longer a disposable comodity of which I can play im going to try and cross yet again on sunday southerly f4 may catapult me across the bay on a nice downwind run and theni can try and clear the estuary get onto the canals and hopefully bash out some higher milage and race down  my own demons and maybe drown the monkey on my back! But until the Bristol channel gives me permission I'm stuck (in total luxury) at home. I'm so desperate to clear the southwest west and see things I've never seen but currently I'm trying to learn patience. .....still!
I may brush the sand off my kit tomorrow but other than that I'll just be keeping an eye on the weather.

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  1. Showing great determination not skipping sections out! Great photo from Glyn, shows the rest of us stuck on land what you're contending with!


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