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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lamorna Cove

Lamorna is where it begins for real.
  The weather is looking like it may let me play for a couple of days but it will be breezy later in the weekend so Friday the 15th at around 10 am I will shove off  aiming to clear Lands End at around midday and setting day ones camp at Godrevy. Saturday will be a push up towards north Cornwall with an expected weather day on Sunday.  Everything is as ready as it can be, Ive chosen the launch point as if I start at Falmouth, I have to put in a large crossing early on, this way I've still got a good launch and landing I still clear Lands End and the Southwest relatively early and hopefully avoid the heavy weather set for 2 weeks time. One last sleep and then I'm away.....I finally get to stop talking about it and I get to do it......way better than Christmas! !!

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