Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Days 5 and 6.....a visit from a kayaking Jedi

So after throwing all my toys into the sea on the previous morning Glyn came down to once again (for the millionth time in 13 years) sort my life out,resulting in a solid 2 days paddling albeit 10 miles short of my intended Hartand finish instead ending up at the fickle surf spot of Duckpool near bude.
Day 5 was a beast I felt pretty strong after 2 weather days and we made excellent ground I had a real bash of confidence in the rather sporty Trevose head tide race with some funky wind keeping me on my toes but got through unscathed, havng a couple of hours rest in a cove by the lifeboat slip before pushing on to lundy bay near port Quin.
Day 6 was a first for me a ( if I do say so myself) flawless 20+mile crossing to Morwenstow following a NE bearing past port Issac tintagel and eventually bude. The highlight of the two days were the pod of Common dolphins that rather playfully breached all around us at the time I was recounting the story of Dawn Brancheau's death at sea world by the Orca Tilikum (I am vehemently against cetacean captivity) when a Dolphin breached centimetres from me on a collision course (I only pooped a little bit)  Glyn of course found the Irony of a "defender of dolphins" being harassed byvthem hysterical.  The rest of the trip was uneventful and by the end I was totally void of strength I'm home tonight aiming to get a big day tomorrow hopefully getting onto the north coast.... weather and strength permitting! !

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