Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day 8 Hartland-Ilfracombe

Probably my easiest mileage so far today. 25ish miles in pretty fair conditions.
    Leaving Hartland at low tide I felt slightly off as I've just spent 2 days doing next to nothing whilst waiting for an appropriate weather window however passing between the rocks at hartland point I started smiling, those 5 minutes of paddling have always been a personal favourite of mine, the water accelerates between several routes of what often feels like grade 2 White water. I've always had a real passion for hartland from climbing, surfing,kayaking,walking and working there and today was no different I left with a smile and hoisted my sail on a 050° heading towards Morte point headphones in and The Foo Fighters belting out anthems.  It was easy......and then the wind increased and the southerly became a south easterly pushing me off shore making my approach to a now bubbling Morte Point a little more awkward, but I passed the race without incident cruised past Bull point lighthouse (which is beautiful by the way) then received a text message from friend and Skern Lodge MD John Watson calmly checking I was still the right way up as the tracker wasnt broadcasting. Sure enough  I was close to  Ilfracombe at this point and came in to land at around the 5 hour mark. As an aside the rock based fishermen of Ilfracombe are either excellent at casting or diabolical! ! As in short order 4 seperate "gentlemen" cast within a couple of metres of me.  On landing I met a guy that works for p&h but I have to be honest I was hungry and didnt perhaps celebrate what a superb product they produce!  There were a couple of other gentlemen with their kids that were very warm and welcoming its really appreciated when people see what I'm doing and show an interest.  Tomorrow I'll have the tracker back on line and continue to chase Bristol and my departure from the west country.

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