Friday, 15 August 2014

Day one

31 miles into headwinds upto f5 about 5 tide races....2 of which tried to better me...and nearly did.....if im honest I gave more than I had in the tank. Tomorrow morning will be a good indicator but the beast is now underway at least, I need to find pace and routine. My tent is a minging already.  Gonna get some sleep in a minute. ... I hope I do you all proud, I certainly will try. Weather is my biggest stumbling block right now. its all a bit overwhelming at the day at a time.


  1. Always just one day at a time and when that feels too much then an hour at a time.I literally couldnt be any prouder of you, caz xx

  2. Excited for you! You can rest on the canals (before the locks!) Enjoy testing yourself in nature, there's no tougher race. Except the 200m vs Bolt.


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