Monday, 18 August 2014


Day 3 was a weather day I got some rest which was great due to force 6 winds.  Today. Day 4 has started with much the same weather and 3-4 foot onshore surf I've been feeling incredibly vulnerable in the build up to the trip with lots of people telling me about my will power and stubbornness and how I'll succeed at all costs......I think thats  who I used to be maybe 5 years ago. But the person writing this couldn't feel more frightened weak and alone.
There were times on day one where I was really scared but today has been different I've just taken a heavy beating in a fully laden expedition boat in heavy surf followed by a long swim and the loss of some kit including my maps for the next 50 miles im sat on a beach cold and alone I just want to go home and back to my job!


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  2. Bedding down to the reality of it is different to any imagined version of the journey prior to setting off. A couple of things don't change though- you're still on a voyage through a sport that you love, and those people you're thinking about when you update your blog love you no matter what direction that voyage takes.

  3. Its one big adventure. What sort of story would it make if without incident? And phil is right we love you no matter what direction or voyage you are on xx caz xx

  4. Be brave paduwan. Follow your instincts. We will all support you what ever xx


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