Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 4 looking forward not down!

Wow I was LOW this morning! The trip isnt so much a circumnavigation of the south, more a circumnavigation of my emotions and resolution.  I went this morning when I probably shouldn't of, as an experienced surfer the surf looked really manageable.  But that was through the eyes of a surfer as a kayaker in a very heavy boat I should have thought differently, I genuinely thought about quitting today but the truth is force 6 westerlies on north cornish surf beaches arent easy. If I'd been a mountaineer it would have been a tent bound day,but I went anyway and got bitten, fortunately I recovered most of my kit.
  The trip isnt really a solo unsupported circumnavigation anymore.....not in a purist sense anyway. I will meet with other paddlers where possible to help keep me on track I will phone friends and seek advice and encouragement and if theres a way to do things thats better than mine then thats what I shall do.
  Having 2 weather days so early was hard to accept and it seems like an uphill struggle but based on how well day 1 went in marginal conditions I have no doubt I can redouble my efforts and soar... After all its not just about me its about my friends my family my oceans my planet.
I wont rule out the possibility of having to return to work with an incomplete trip but I will be completing the route wether its this attempt or in the future. Hard days aren't nice but they're a necessary evil, they're what make the good days great.


  1. You're doing so, so well. Tomorrow's another day and it'll be a better one. Gem x

  2. Amen brother! Good luck tomorrow

  3. Hope you are having a better day though I expect there is still some wind and swell to remind you that you are at sea. Plenty of good days to come ...


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