Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sorry ....few days out again

Cruel irony....the one wind direction I didnt want for this section of the trip was easterlies and that is what I have!  After constant northwesterlies on the the west coast I've really had enough!..... I promise this isnt because of the perfect swell thats just arrived. ...although I am very keen to surf it...... I'm gonna walk away from it all for a few days and if I get conditions tgat I'm happy with I'll crack on till Bristol,  but so far I havent stopped frowning once and yes the trip wasnt meant to be easy, but I've  been limited to when I can go due to work commitments (as so many people are) and I'm not prepared to keep breaking my heart..... so sorry if any one feels let down but I assure you that what ever your feeling is nothing compared to how I feel right now. Sorry again.

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