Wednesday, 12 March 2014

An honest truth

I love doing nothing I love it so much that I can lay in bed wishing I was doing less, but I also love being on the brink of failure of struggling and of having to desperately fight to just hold on.   This juxtaposition causes many problems for me not least of all when it comes to training. To complete my trip I need to hit about 26 miles a day. .. any less will result in failure and any more will help factor in the inevitable weather days or a rest day. Doing a 26 mile day once is quite straightforward,  you embrace the discomfort and get your head down but doing at least this for 30 seems herculean. ... I genuinely at this point have to up my fitness considerably.  My trip will be done alone but my journey there is gonna take some support I reckon!   Send me messages, tweets and donations to ensure I succeed where I could easily stay in bed.
Simon xxx

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