Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Great day

23miles most of which was against tide and half into a f5 strengthening breeze I felt really pleased paddling out to Morte point from Appldore, but had a hickup with technology in that I was unable to obtain a good weather forecast so essentially I turned tail and slogged home. I was told how valuable head wind training is....I understand now as it feels quite demoralising, stopping to eat is an exercise in travelling backwards hard fought yards drifting under your hull. That aside it really was beautiful. Baggy point was in perfect light Morte always feels foreign to me. Perhaps due to the change in rock colouration but glorious all the same. I observed Gulls sitting along eddylines, A useful tool I think almost acting like lane markers. It was also the first time ive paddled laden in a while and the boat played along very well. As did my  Anglesey stick which performed better than expected against a headwind, they really are intuitive to paddle with.

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