Monday, 10 March 2014

A cheeky 12 today

Today was a meant to be a 20 mile day, but due to wind and swell I shortened it on the fly. It ended as a 12 miler. I have heard so many comments about Greenland paddles both good bad and arguably at times ill informed, I honestly cant fault them I guess time will tell, but today I punched out through 3-4ft westward ho. A beach with a notoriously long paddle out, and it wasnt even a thought that my paddles were different to my normal ainsworths, they really are very intuitive. Even making little corrections as I flirted with heavy thundering surf on the infamous bideford bar wasnt an issue, I then cruised up the torridge estuary swinging between any buoys I could find, and yet again my 225cm Anglesey Stick was fine, over a few hours I averaged 3mph and maxed at 7mph this will get quicker as my core strengthens, ultimately the sun was out and the paddling was great, just a horrid portage at the end, I wont leave my trolley behind again!

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