Friday, 5 September 2014

Big day, Little island (Day 10)

Well what to say.... firstly I'm glad I made the island the tides just turned and the waters spewing out of the estuary. Today was only ever going to be a big day I felt I owed it to myself, but more I owed it to the journey and to the MCS. It's important to remember that when we're up against it no matter how bad it seems how low you feel, you can always rise above and do more. Thats why I'm here today, a good effort is never enough. A great effort will certainly suffice though.
I left Lynmouth in mirror calm conditions applied a little sun block as the morning mist was apparently burning off then set my course at 070° and away I went I fought like hell to maintain my course but eventually I hit rhythm and ran true....the mist never did burn off though after a 9:30 departure by 1 pm I could only occasionally see Wales and couldn't see England at all. Let alone the little island of Flat Holm.  Fortunately my Nav isn't too bad and occasional buoyage helped affirm my location the island came into view about an hour before I would have had full bowel collapse,  I was accompanied by a very camera shy porpoise for an hour mid way in and  avoided a large cargo vessel by less than 200 metres (ya just dont here the sneaky beasts in fog) I could really do without fog tomorrow as I head back to the mainland across the channel again.
I worked so hard through those bad days, To be able to sit on such a gorgeous beach in such a divine spot  really has made it worth it...
Flat Holm really is stunning and  the fact it still has 7 tonne cannon and Moncrief emplacements is even better.....and it was a Chlora hospital and it was fortified in WW2 ..... I can safely say I'll be back here, but possibly take a shorter route next time

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