Sunday, 7 September 2014


Just passed the grand mark with a sweet little donation from  my Cousin Emma and her family.  
My view on charity has changed so much due to this Whole experience even the pennies make a difference.  When I concieved this trip it was about me first charity second, now is a very different situation. I am so passionate about the Marine Conservation Society I've gone from armchair activist to fund raiser and I hope its only the beginning. ...... it took a lot of heart from me to get to this point. Now I wonder how I could raise not one but ten thousand pounds.... the canals next year. The rest of the trip after that  and then the future.... maybe a big swim.... not Sean Conway big..... but big for me, because one thing I've learnt about benchmarks is that they're different for each of us and we all have our own passions, our own beliefs our own adventures and our own challenges in life. I truly appreciate every single donation thats been recieved and I fully respect that not everyone could either afford or justify donating..... maybe next time you want a tee shirt or perhaps a hoodie, maybe even soap you could do an internet search and buy from an ethical manufacturer or shop that supports a charity or cause you believe in.   Even as armchair activists we can make a difference.   
Thanks one and all !

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