Saturday, 7 June 2014

A rest, a romance and a realisation

Wow! What a week!!!! Absolutely no kayaking whatsoever. Although what I have done is gone and got engaged. A visit to Andalucia and the 15th century town of Ronda led to a stunning view, a kayaker on one Knee (Bit too like open boating for me to do it more than once) and a teary girlfriend. ....she said yes so I assume they were happy tears....

    I also thought about what I'm doing and in particular a phrase that pings around my head an awful lot  GLOBAL LOCAL  this phrase is a lynch pin to my journey, by thinking and acting localy you have a global impact. The money raised for MCS will have both local and global impact so please remember to donate.
  I will be paddling both the Severn and Thames Estuaries, even if you live in a town or City your litter on the street regularly courses through storm drains and culverts into rivers and eventually estuaries and then into the oceans, please dont think MCS only helps those that live near the sea their work helps us all I hope my efforts highlight this.

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