Friday, 7 February 2014

The Greatest Challenge

I was told creating a blog would be easy and securing sponsorship a mere formality,  I think Somebody has been fibbing to me. At this point I know only a few things for certain......

Come mid August I will be sitting in a sea kayak and I will push away from shore and start pulling the first of many tens of thousands of paddle strokes, at this point I cannot tell you my direction of travel or the boat I will be sat in or the paddles I will be holding, but ultimately that isn't my concern right now I am slowly focusing my training with plenty of Cardio and swimming and come mid August I will be fit and strong enough to make my friends and family proud and I hope a lot more people will be aware of the great work that the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) do for our shores and very precious oceans

At this Early point I must already thank Glyn Brackenbury for giving me the inspiration and encouragement I need, to Skern Lodge for helping me gain the Independence and skill I require for my journey and to my friend Guy from the board barn   for jumping to my side. officially my first sponsor but frustratingly he is sponsoring my sense of adventure not my surfing ability.

I hope to make you all proud and I hope to have the patience and dedication to maintain my blog even when I am tired frustrated and sore, as no doubt I shall be by about day 2.

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